Last year, Temple Beth El Mekor Chayim  (TBEMC) found itself devastated by the Hurricane Irene.  Congregants were flooded out of their homes and the synagogue building itself was partially under water. This year, circumstances are different. While individuals have lost power, the synagogue itself was able to escape from Hurricane Sandy unharmed.

TBEMC has opened its doors to those without power and heat.  An invitation went out to both TBEMC email lists and through the Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest.  Yesterday, many people could be found working remotely from TBEMC. A few families with children came for a change of scenery, for a warm place to play, different toys, and friends to play with. Computers and cell phones were charged and spirits lifted as people shared stories and news.  Today, in addition to the local community members, TBEMC welcomed local Rabbis and educators from other congregations who needed a place to work. Individual families have opened their doors as well offering a place to sleep, showers, hot meals, outlets, and their friendship. 

            TBEMC is actively working on ways to support victims of Sandy.  While hosting Temple Beth Ohr Beth Torah of Clark for Shabbat services, TBEMC will be conducting a healing service on Friday night, November 2, 2012 at 6pm. In addition, the community will be working with the Red Cross to hold a blood drive on Sunday, November 4th.