Señora Lipton’s fourth grade Spanish students from Evergreen School bargained with each other, in Spanish to purchase some of their favorite foods at a simulated Mexican market at the new gymnasium at Evergreen School.

Students in each class were given 125 pesos (fake money) each and had the opportunity to be the consumer and seller. The students that were buying had to try to get the product for as low as possible, while the sellers tried to make the most money as possible. Each student was assigned two foods/dishes to bring in addition to making signs for their food stand to attract customers (their classmates).

To the surprise of few, the Dixie cup-sized ice cream packages amongst other sweets including marshmallow treats were high in demand. Meanwhile, the vegetables and other fruits didn’t garner as much attention from the students. All foods sold at the Mexican market passed the approval of the school’s health department.

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The goal of the activity was to get students to learn to speak Spanish in a real-life situation while having fun.

"This is not only a great simulated activity to practice Spanish, deal with numbers and apply their math knowledge as they buy and sell real food, but now the students will be able to put their new bargaining skills to practical use in real life as well, " said Señora Lipton, Spanish teacher at Evergreen School.

Sellers in each class that earned the most money were awarded prizes for their efforts.

Volunteer parents were positioned throughout the room to help set up the food stations in the market and to make sure that only Spanish was spoken when bargaining.