Dear Editor:

As a parent to two-school age children here in Scotch Plains-Fanwood, I know that we are a community of helpers. We are a town of coaches, volunteers, teachers, neighbors, troop leaders and friends who are--above all else--deeply committed to shaping our children into kind, curious and capable adults.

Many of us moved to (or never moved away from) Scotch Plains-Fanwood because of the incredible reputation earned by our schools and educators. Our teachers have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enriching and empowering our children, a dedication that's apparent now more than ever, as our teachers conduct their classrooms from their kitchens and over computer screens.

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But COVID-19 isn't the only worldwide event impacting our children's classrooms and our children's futures. The murder of George Floyd has inspired a level of awakening, accountability and action at an unprecedented, global scale, and we all find ourselves at a tipping point right now as individuals, as parents, as a community and as a country.

As we ask ourselves what we can do to make an impact, I urge you to consider your voice and your power as a parent. I am sure we all agree that teaching our kids to be kind and caring starts and home. And while being kind is essential, simply being kind is not the same as being anti-racist. Just being kind isn't enough to create the change we want our children to see and be in tomorrow's world.

It is on us--right now as parents--to ensure our children get the skills they need be kind AND actively anti-racist at home and in school.

This form exists to be a first step in organizing parents and students who want to see SPF schools adopt a curriculum that actively and intentionally addresses anti-racism and incorporates more inclusion, diversity and representation in every corner of its LESSONS, LIBRARIES, and LEADERS.

Together with our schools, we can raise the next generation of helpers. Please complete this form if you're interested in getting involved.

Thank you.

Chrissann Gasparro
Scotch Plains, NJ