FANWOOD, NJ – At Fanwood’s Council Meeting on July 16, Dale Flowers was recognized as an “individual who is really a part of the community in every sense of the word” said Mayor Mahr. The Mayor went on to say that Dale Flowers is never one to say no when someone comes with a request, and he has gotten involved in many of Fanwood’s organizations. Dale is the Chairman of the Fanwood Planning Board and has been a member of the board for 10 years. He has been involved with the Business Professional Association. This year he was the voice at the Memorial Day parade in Fanwood. As the owner of Scotchwood Florist, which has been in Fanwood for more than 40 years, he and his wife Lori helped to beautify downtown Fanwood by providing, at cost, the plantings for the flower pots that line the sidewalks in Fanwood. Dale is a 3rd generation florist, who has lived in Fanwood for 11 years.

Councilman Anthony Parenti described how Dale stepped up on Memorial Day and did an excellent job at announcing for the parade. “He always has a smile on his face” said Mr. Parenti. “I am very proud to have you living in town”.

Dale received a framed print of the historic Fanwood Train Station. He thanked the Mayor for her leadership. “You provide the arena for people to come and be volunteers in our town.” Dale went on to thank the council members and the employees of Fanwood.

During the Council Meeting Joe Nagy, a resident of Fanwood, spoke about Fanwood’s involvement in the Union County Heritage event called Four Centuries in a Weekend, which takes place in October. Locally, the designated place is the Fanwood Railroad Station. Mr. Nagy proposed that the township of Fanwood make George Weiss the host of the event. Mr. Nagy said “George is a railroad historian. He has at least a half dozen railroad document films to his credit, including Next Station Stop Fanwood. Probably there is no one in Union County who knows more about railroading than George”.