SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- Daniel Jaworski’s goal since the first time he ever stepped on a stage was to show he had the versatility to play a wide variety of roles.

So when the senior at Union Catholic landed the lead role of Eddie in UC PAC’s Fall Play, "Love (Awkwardly) & (Virtually),’’Jaworski made that dream become a reality.’'        

“My main goal as a performer is to try to play as many different character types as I can because they are each a different perspective,’’ said Jaworski, “In my sophomore year I played Galahad in Spamalot, who was a silly and overconfident knight. Then in my junior year, I played Mr. Boddy, a dark and menacing mob boss. And now for my last year (it’s crazy just saying that), I’m playing a shy and insecure teen. I couldn’t pick a better contrast than that. So when I got Eddie, I felt that I had reached a goal that I had set for myself so long ago.’’

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Jaworski has come a long way since his first role ever when he played Mufasa in The Lion King when he was an eighth grader at the School of Saint Elizabeth in Bernardsville. 

“The reason I auditioned for Mufasa was if I stunk or just didn’t like the experience, I was going to die in the next scene or two,’’ Jaworski joked. What does Jaworski love about acting? 

“I love acting because it feels like I’m playing with my toys, by creating how characters react,’’ said Jaworski, who would like to pursue a career in acting,singing and business. “However, at the same time I love diving into someone’s emotion and how other people react to them. The most important thing about acting is to treat the characters as people not stereotypes.’’

Jaworski said that his favorite core value at UC is something that carries over onto the stage.  “My favorite core value is respect,’’ said Jaworski. “As an example on the stage, it’s easy to think that since the light is on you, that you and only you are the true star. That’s when respect comes in. Respect for my fellow cast members, the Tech Crew, the Directors, the audience, and yourself. Respect yourself knowing how hard you worked in order for you to be where you are. Finally, respect the fact that everybody has a story. And it’s up to you to respect each story.’’

How does Jaworski feel about the play being performed virtually, and how is he preparing for his role.

“I’m honestly excited, my generation is always in front of a screen anyway,’’ Jaworski joked. “But seriously, I’m very excited especially for this story. I don’t think this could have worked for any other show. The way I prepare for roles is listening to music. Currently, I’m using When I Fall in Love by the great Nat King Cole. I feel that this song especially represents how much Eddie pictures his life with Wendy like it's his destiny because he is so desperate for love and how alone he truly is. At the end of the day, I’m doing what I love no matter what or where I do it.’’

Jaworski is very excited to see his classmates and friends perform.

“I’m really looking forward to “Love Awkwardly and Virtually,’’ he said. “This show has a very talented cast like Isabella DelNegro, Addy Chelak, Paris Townsell, Noah Lytle, Sean Machado, Clare McGuinness, and Jen Mejia, but we also have a lot of new faces and I can’t wait to see them perform.’’

Jaworski also excels in the classroom. He’s made the honor roll in every marking period in his UC career, and last spring he served on New Jersey Congressman Thomas Malinowski's Youth Advisory Council. 

Jaworski said the balance between PAC and academics has helped him become a better student.

“It definitely helped me with time management and planning,’’ said Jaworski. “Last year during the fall semester, I was the main lead at Mother Seton High School while also performing in the show Clue for UC, and I kept my honor roll status. PAC didn’t just help me with school, but also how to mentally prepare myself for the day. For example, I will always try to plan something after homework, so I can look forward to it. It has also helped me with my confidence as a person, just acknowledging how much school work I was able to do, and still memorize 10 pages of lines. It signifies that with the right time management, mindset, and effort, you can really do whatever you put yourself up to.’’   

Jaworski loves the diversity at UC. 

 “I love the diversity of the student body,’’ he said. “Not just  race or culture, but also just who each student is as a person. Every single student has a story and we should all remember that we all have goals, dreams, and regrets. That’s what makes us human.’’ 

Why did Jaworski decide to attend UC? 

“First my brother TJ (now attending Monmouth University) got into this school and I saw how much the school affected him in the best way possible,’’ said Jaworski. “And I saw how far ahead of the game UC was when it comes to technology than other schools. I never saw a school use so much technology until I went to UC. And then I saw how important each and every student was to this school.

"As I said before, I am grateful for the diversity of the students, the amazing and caring faculty, the values of the school and the leadership of Principal Sister Percylee Hart,'' said Jaworski. "Sister Percylee loves each and every one of us and we feel it every day when she greets us at the door in the morning. Sister Percylee even came to see my show at Mother Seton High School. That meant so much to me and my family. I’m so happy that I have met so many different people and the amazing faculty at UC.’’