Political campaigns are now in full swing and as the news media focus their singular attention on the top of the ticket, I would encourage all Fanwood residents to pay closer attention to what is happening at the local level. It is the local elected leaders, that have the most immediate and effective impact on what is happening to YOU on a day-to-day basis.

We have been fortunate here in Fanwood to have the unique opportunity of exceptional leadership by our Mayor, Colleen Mahr. Fanwood has been ahead of the nation for the past nine years, and continues to head in the right direction. We all know that our Mayor does not make all of this progress on her own and from the very beginning of her first term she had the able assistance of a strong team of Democrat councilmen and women to assist her.

Jack Molenaar was a member of that initial team, elected in 2003 and a strong visionary for the development of our downtown. Following his tenure on the council, he continued to volunteer as the Chair of the Fanwood Planning Board and as a member of the Recreation Commission. He has chosen to once again step forward to serve the borough as a member of the municipal council. His strategic development expertise combined with his professional background in traffic and transportation management makes him an ideal member of the municipal council at this juncture.

His running mate, Dan Levine, a long time Fanwood resident and volunteer will complement the borough council with an extensive background in business development and governmental budgeting experience. Dan knows full well how to leverage financial resources; supports the pursuit of shared services and will bring increased financial expertise to the borough council decision makers.

It is time that the Mayor has a full team of hard working and knowledgeable council members to lend her a hand by electing Levine and Molenaar to the Fanwood Council on November 6th.

Donna Dolce
Fanwood, NJ