ELIZABETH, NJ – The Elizabeth Shelter is over capacity for cats and dogs, and several animals are at risk for euthanasia. Animal lovers interested in adopting a kitten, cat, or dog can go to the shelter at 518 Trenton Ave., Elizabeth. 

There is a $10 fee. Those wishing to adopt need to prove they can take care of the animal. Anyone interested in sheltering a cat or dog should contact Lynda Drumm at 908-265-6255.

The shelter has reported receiving a multitude of cats and kittens. Two pit mix dogs, Hugo and Tiger, are reported to be exceptional and about to be euthanatized. There is also a Shepard mix.

“I am asking if you could open up your hearts and foster for Best Friend or even adopt," said Lorraine Jakubowski of Best Friend Dog & Animal Adoption. "This is very serious as it is the holiday weekend and the shelter is over capacity. It will go a long way in making a difference in the animals’ lives. They are friendly and should not have to die.”