FANWOOD, NJ – Enchantments, located at 234 South Ave. in Fanwood, will be closed due to major construction on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

“This is a precaution in anticipation of  the beginning of the 'piling construction' of a deep foundation by Elite Property, the owner of the construction site adjacent to the building where my gift shop Enchantments is located,” said owner Helen Ling.

 “The side effect of this construction will be the vibration and loud noise during the driving and hammering process, which involves driving a 30 feet (or longer) wood pile in a approximate diameter of 12 inches to a hole previously drilled to about 10 feet, that will then be hammered to the desirable depth the contractor needs to hold a foundation,” said Ling.

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For the past few days, gifts items have been carefully removed from shelves to avoid breakage, as some of the pilings will be within three feet of the building housing Enchantments.

“This will be truly a challenge as most of us have never seen a piling construction, let alone experienced it.  Besides informing other businesses and inhabitants of the building, I would like our customers to know the current dilemma we are in.  The piling operation may go on for a period of one to two weeks as far as I know.  In the following days, I will assess the situation and inform you as early and as much as I can. Thank you for your understanding,” Ling said.

Customers can call on (908) 322-6161, or email for updates.