Dear Fanwoodians:

We read with great interest the letter submitted by our council colleague, Anthony Parenti, about being excited for our residents "who love Fanwood, as we do" to have the opportunity in the upcoming election to have candidates "with proven résumés, that are ready to use their experience and wisdom to sustain the borough." Our candidate choices are Dan Levine and Jack Molenaar who will not only "pledge to keep the borough tax portion, the only part they can control, of our budget as low as possible while still maintaining services we have come to enjoy and expect," but they will continue to actively pursue alternative funding sources, implement strategies to reduce spending and be actively engaged in all aspects of our local government.

Bipartisanship works best when each party or elected representative brings forward additional or alternative recommendations or strategies to solve the challenges presented to us as elected leaders. There was no need for the incumbents to put politics aside to work with our current Mayor on issues that were important to Fanwood residents. The truth is they made little effort to research alternatives, bring forward new ideas or in any way advance opportunities to improve our community.

We agree with Councilman Parenti, loving Fanwood means more "then a meaningless slogan or being an onlooker from the sidelines." We do need to put "Fanwood government in the best hands possible to improve it for you and the next generations."

Therefore, it's important that we have two, hard-working and dedicated leaders like Dan Levine and Jack Molenaar, who are not looking at their legacy, but rather are dedicated to working for the benefit of all Fanwoodians.


Councilwoman Kathy Mitchell and Council President Russ Huegel