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FANWOOD , NJ - The Fanwood Community Foundation was established in 1998 to provide grants to individuals or groups who live, work, support, or serve the community of Fanwood and wish to make a difference. 

The Foundation was formed by Bob and Carol Kraus, along with Fred Chemidlin, Louis Jung, and Ted Frankenbach, as a way to “give back” to the community and support the concept of local philanthropy.

The original endowment of $130,000 is still intact, as it was decided to only disperse the interest earned on the money, and to also fundraise each year to add to the available grant money.  The Foundation follows the New Jersey Community Foundations guidelines in terms of deciding

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Last year the Foundation contributed to the town by funding a new video camera for FanwoodTV35 and George Weiss. The camera was a grant of $2095. FCF bought a hose nozzle for the Fanwood Fire Department. That grant was for $980.

There are currently 8 people on the Board of Trustees, and there can be up to 16. Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older and there is no membership fee. The Board of Trustees consists of President: Karen Paardecamp. Vice President: Jason Benedict, Secretary, Thomas Ryan Jr. and Treasurer, Jon Finne.   Carol A. Kraus, Brian Walter, Dave Clausen, and Peter Chemidlin are Board Members.

 “It’s a way for us to increase the quality of life in Fanwood for everyone. It’s a way for Fanwoodians to give back to their town on a perpetual basis,” said  President Karen Paardecamp.  As a nonprofit corporation, all donations are tax deductible and the Foundation is bipartisan.

 “We encourage people who wish to help to join and be committee people.  We do the fairs in town, we have grant applications which have to be reviewed, and public relations that need to be done.”

 “We are taking some time to see what we represent, to make sure that our vision, our mission statement, our policies, our protocols are flexible enough to carry us through. We are thinking about ways of becoming more relevant in the town.” said Vice President Benedict. “If you have a love of Fanwood, and you have some free time, give us a call. We can help get you to a place where you can contribute your time, your resources, and your talents. We need you, you need us, and please help.”

 “We wish two things… we had more money to grant with, that the financial markets were doing better… and we wish we had more folks asking us for grant money.” Since 1999 the Foundaiton has granted a little over $8400. Applications for grants can be found on the Fanwood Community Foundation website at

The Fanwood Community Foundation can be found on Facebook at The FCF twitter feed can be found at @FanwoodCF

The next meeting is March 21. Meetings are open to the public. The location to be announced.


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