FANWOOD, NJ -- As part of Fire Prevention Week efforts to educated the public about safety, Assistant Fire Chief Dave Zawodniak discussed common sense fire prevention measures at the Fanwood Borough Council meeting on Monday.

"Fire Prevention Week is a reminder what fire safety is all about," Zawondniak said. "We go out to the schools, but parents don't take enough time for fire safety."

He specifically spoke of the many instances when parents silence a smoke detector during cooking. Children may become accustomed to associating a smoke alarm with mom or dad cooking and not with a possible fire.

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Zawodniak suggested parents teach their kids to start making their way to an exit any time they hear the smoke detector go off so they never take that sound for granted. 

"Early detection is most important," Zawondniak said.

He also advised to always find a second way out of a building.

"Your tendency is when you go in the front door, you go out the front door. Learn the secondary routes," Zawondniak said. "If you have a problem, call 911. People have gone on Facebook when they smell something burning. Call us... That's why we're here."