Dear Editor:
I am deeply saddened on the passing of Mayor Mauro Checchio. He was a good friend, mentor and an outstanding public servant, who never stopped caring about the place he called home.
My friendship with him was truly special, one that I will always cherish. I never hesitated to reach out to him on Township matters. He truly loved our Township and always found time to work with me, providing guidance intended on sustaining Scotch Plains as a great place to live and raise a family. No one had a greater appreciation of our Township’s history or passion to preserve it. He deeply cared about all our citizens and throughout his life worked on their behalf to make Scotch Plains better. 
Mauro was a member of America’s greatest generation, a WWII veteran, a Marine (“Semper Fi”), a corporate leader, a public servant on the national, state and local fronts. His life was an example of what is possible and achievable when you take time to care for and help others in need, to do and support what he often said to me was, God’s work.

I regularly referred to him as our Township’s senior spokesman, and while he would smile at the reference, truth be known the titles that he cherished more than any other was that of Husband, Dad and Grandfather, and make no mistake, he was a loving one. 
To his loving wife Portia and family, nothing was more important than his love for you all. Thank you for sharing him with us, we too shall miss him. 
On behalf of a grateful community, let me extend to his family our deepest sympathy, may God bless and comfort you. 
God’s speed, Mayor Checchio.
Kevin Glover 
The Township of Scotch Plains