To the Editor,

One of my many issues with Leonard Lance is his flip flopping on the issues. When he was scared of the Tea Party, he went to the right and bragged about his support from the NRA and near 100% opposition to Obama. Now that he’s scared of the left he’s suddenly proud of how moderate he is.

I was extremely disheartened to see this same flip flopping infect the Democratic primary. In the fall every candidate said they’d keep a positive campaign. One candidate broke the pledge and dropped out and now that we’re in late May another candidate, Goutam Jois, decided to break the pledge as well and send out an entirely negative mailer against his opponent, Tom Malinowski.

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Goutam made a vow, and now he broke it because he wants to win more than he wants to keep his promise. Seems like Lance isn’t the only flip flopper in our district.

Jim Baker
Westfield, NJ