WESTFIELD, NJ — The lawyer for the family who sold the now-infamous “Watcher” house on Boulevard in Westfield recently filed a counter claim against the buyers. Attorney Richard Kaplow told TAP into Westfield that his clients are seeking compensatory damages.

The current owners of the home have claimed that disturbing letters signed “the Watcher” are preventing them from being able to sell the Dutch colonial, which they purchased for $1.3 million.

Members of the media converged in Westfield over the summer, seeking more information about the story of a creepy stalker whose letters to new buyers, signed “The Watcher,” were reportedly so terrifying that the family opted not to move into their home. National publications and even British tabloids featured stories about it, sometimes going into depth about the families who owned it.

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When news of the “Watcher” hit this summer, the case itself was already about a year old, Mayor Andy Skibitsky told reporters at a June town council meeting. It came to the media’s attention when the home’s new owners filed a lawsuit against the sellers, saying that they should have disclosed that they, too, had received a “Watcher” letter before closing the deal.

“I don’t believe that my clients, as the sellers, had any legal obligation to the buyers that they failed to comply with,” Kaplow said Wednesday.

According a report on NJ.com, the sellers said that they did receive an anonymous note before closing, but they said they did not keep it, did not know if it was signed “The Watcher," and were not required by law to disclose it.

Westfield Police Chief David Wayman told TAP into Westfield in June that police had three letters in evidence, all of which were sent to the home’s buyers.