Many people are interested in eating a gluten free diet because they suspect or know that they would be healthier if they did.  But that first step may feel daunting.  Where do you begin?  Do you find gluten-free equivalent products for all of your “old foods” immediately, or do you conquer one meal at a time?

When I was first diagnosed with gluten sensitivity three years ago, I chose to “dive in” and correct my mistakes as I went along.  However, I have observed that my clients who pursued this particular diet, felt less overwhelmed if they removed one food at a time for each new gluten-free food that they added.  Or, they would transition smoothly by mastering one meal or snack at time and build the diet slowly that way.

This gave me the idea to offer a free educational event for newcomers to the diet,  “Getting Started on a Gluten Free Diet: with Breakfast Ideas” on Monday, October 7 at 7:30-8:45 pm. This one-time event will take place in my downtown Fanwood office, where I will perform a cooking demonstration for three hot breakfasts to show how easy and tasteful gluten free food can be.  Seating is limited, so reservations are a must.  For more details on this program click here, or to learn more about my health coaching practice, please visit or call 908-242-3763.