WESTFIELD, NJ — Linda Fazio, the 6-year-old girl who was found unresponsive and revived at Westfield Memorial Pool last week, was on respiratory support but became able to breathe entirely on her own on Saturday, according to an update posted on the “Support Linda Fazio’s Recovery” GoFundMe site.

“She remains in some discomfort but is making great strides towards getting back to her high spirited joyful self,” the update attributed to her parents, Claudio and Yanella Fazio, reads. “She has gradually been able to communicate more and more to us as the time passes through quiet whispers as her throat and lungs slowly continue to get better. Our hearts are healing as well as we have our daughter back again.

“We would like to thank God for this miracle that is now embedded into our hearts and souls forever and to thank everybody for all of your continued support, love and prayers as Linda continues her journey to a full recovery.”

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Fazio is being treated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the site says.

The GoFundMe site created by Jen Goldstein has raised more than $40,000 from nearly 800 donors since Monday. To contribute, click here.

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