SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD, NJ - Mrs. Pincus' Third Grade students at H.B. Brunner Elementary School raised almost $900...and they did it all on their own inititive! After reading the book Give A Goat by J. Schrock, the students learned about Heifer International and found out they could donate money to buy a goat for people in Uganda that need food.  

The students brainstormed ways they could raise money.  Two children held a cookie and lemonade sale over Memorial Day weekend, raising $145.  Another student made a hockey game charity event at his home and raised $330!  Other students did chores at home or gave their allowance.  In the end, the students raised an incredible $892.94.  WIth this money, they will indeed be donating a goat!  

However, they will also be donating a flock of chicks, a flock of geese, and providing a year's education for a young girl in Africa. Holt International of South Korea will be also receive money from these efforts.  As a result, a child will be receiving two months of foster care and the balance of the money raised will provide medical care for children with severe health issues.

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Mrs. Pincus could not be more proud of her student's accomplishment.  More than anything, the students have learned how they can make a big difference!