WESTFIELD, NJ -- On Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 7:00 p.m., the Westfield Memorial Library (550 East Broad Street) will host “How to Pay Less for College: Need Based Financial Aid – FAFSA and Beyond the FAFSA (Merit Scholarships).” 

David Twersky, an Independent Educational Consultant and the founder of College Link Consulting, and Manita Bhardwaj, an Education Counselor, will lead the discussion to help prepare both students and parents to understand the financial aid application process.

Understanding what type of need-based financial aid is available and how to apply for it will help parents and students determine how to pay for college. Many students assume that all financial aid is based on need. However, there is a variety of college money available based on academic merits and special skills. This program can help the college bound learn what they need to help pay for the college of their choice.

The program is free and open to Westfield Memorial Library and Middlesex Union Reciprocal Agreement Libraries (MURAL) cardholders, which include Scotch Plains and Fanwood Library cardholders. To register for the program, visit www.wmlnj.org, click on the Online Calendar, or call 908-789-4090 option 0.