Part of what Patrice and I do as CertaPro Painters is work with realtors, constantly. Realtors know, upon first sight of the property, what the buyer notices aesthetically. This also translates into them knowing what might hinder or hurt a sale as well.

So, they call us because the most inexpensive way to improve a home, and maximize profits by allowing your home to be compared to model homes in your area is to paint. Relatively speaking, painting is the most inexpensive and quickest way to improve your chances of selling a house at a profit, quickly.

Because we work with so many lovely realtor friends and, especially since we began the EZ Pay-Paint Now, Pay Later program four years ago, we are constantly helping people spruce up their homes, for less, quickly. So, we thought we’d share with you what we do with them.  

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So here we go. Here are three tips to spruce up your home before you sell!

1 . Freshen Up Paint

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to give an instant lift to any room is to apply a coat of paint. It doesn’t always require an entire room paint overhaul, either.  Even just touching up the trim near your front door and windows can go a long way, since buyers notice these first!

Another thing to consider is the space where realtors and home buyers tend to stand and wait before they come in to take a look around-the front door. You can consider replacing it or even painting it! Even changing the knob on the front door from an old, warn knob to a shiny new one can do wonders for making a great first impression, and it’s inexpensive! First impressions have a lasting psychological impact. While you’re at it, look at your front doorknob.

While we’re on the topic of hardware,  shiny new knobs outside and inside can make your whole house seem newer, especially if you opt to switch your brass knobs for brushed nickel or a more contemporary shape. Replacing your switch plates and outlet covers so that they’re all fresh, clean and matching can also have a surprisingly big impact.

2. Focus on the right rooms!

Home buyers pay a lot of attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. So, you want to make sure they look as updated as possible. If you can’t afford to replace your bathroom’s tile floor but it looks old, you can dig out the old grout and replace it to make your floor look nearly new. Caulk your shower and tub, too, since dirty or old-looking caulk reminds buyers that the bathroom has been used. If you can do none of this, consider painting the rooms and updating some hardware!

3. Let There Be Light

Two things: 1. Buyers hate clutter, and  2. They love light.

So you want as many lamps and fixtures to light your home, but not too much where the house looks cluttered. So spend a little money on lamps, just don’t clutter the house with them. If you need more light, but are concerned about clutter, you can buy brighter lightbulbs up to the maximum recommended voltage.

If you have the money, replace  old light fixtures and old ceiling fans that look rusty or outdated. It makes a huge difference to the buyer by brightening the space, while making it look modern and updated.  When showing your house, make sure all the lights are on, blinds are up,  and that your windows are clean  to make sure the maximum light shines through!

4. Curb Appeal

No matter what season it is, you always have to make the time to pull weeds, mulch and add colorful landscaping. If it winter, consider some bushes with berries! Power washing makes a big difference as well. If you are selling in spring, consider painting the outside. Painting old aluminum siding can be relatively inexpensive compared to what it would cause to replace it with new vinyl. That’s something you may want to consider. Also, patch your concrete sidewalk is a big deal and a must!

While you’ll definitely need to spend time on these simple fixes, they all cost less than $500. You’ll get back your time with a quick sale and recover your money with a higher sales price.

If you are a realtor and wish to talk to me or Patrice about how to spruce up a seller's house, or perhaps you are just a seller with questions, please feel free to call us at anytime at (908) 228-2075! Happy New Year my friends!