Dear Editor:
Over the past number of months, I have spoken with many residents who have expressed deep concerns related to the many challenges that we face here in New Jersey. I understand the frustration that many people feel…but if we are to make progress, we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from the real issues right now.
To be honest, right now…I don’t really care who will get the presidential nomination of either party. Right now, New Jersey literally has the highest taxes in the US…forcing retirees to move away from their families or face losing their homes; Right now, New Jersey has one of the highest unemployment rates in the US…forcing college graduates to live at home with their parents or move away from their hometown to find work; Right now, New Jersey has the highest foreclosure rate in the US…which, combined with all the rest…creates the highest net loss of residents, businesses and jobs in the entire country. Perhaps these issues haven’t touched you directly…but if we continue to double down on the same people and the same failed policies…eventually they will.
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The structural problems that have led to these issues in New Jersey cannot go unaddressed indefinitely without catastrophic results…and the hard truth is that they will never be fixed until the legislature makes them the priority. Haven’t we seen firsthand the results of kicking the can down the road? Our pension system hasn’t been fully funded by any Governor since 2000 and our Transportation Trust Fund is depleted. How can we expect a different result in the future, if we continue to do the same thing right now?
Paying lip service in an election year, engaging in class warfare or using misdirection to confuse voters is a tool used by the people who created these problems and we cannot allow them to continue. Here is the truth: Chris Christie didn’t vote to raise your taxes 117 times over the last 20 years, my opponent - Jerry Green did.

Congressional Republicans did not create restrictive regulations and over burdensome red tape which has driven businesses and good paying jobs out of New Jersey, my opponent - Jerry Green did. None of the Republican Presidential candidates supported the New Jersey Teachers’ Union, rather than the Teachers of New Jersey, leaving large populations of students in failing schools, my opponent- Jerry Green did.
I understand the cynicism…”nothing ever changes”. I would suggest that nothing ever changes because we keep sending the same people back into office to double down on failed policies. Some priorities we agree on…and perhaps some we don’t. However, one thing we can absolutely agree on is this; if we do nothing right now…the results will be the same as they have been for the last 20 years and things will only get worse.
I am asking for your vote on November 3rd. Together, we can fix these problems and make New Jersey a great place to live, work and retire. If you want Change Right Now…Vote Column “A”

William “Bo” Vastine
Candidate – NJ Assembly
Legislative District 22