Dear Editor:

My name is Joseph W. DeSantis.  I am a boy scout in Troop 33 working towards my Eagle Scout rank.

I would like to talk about my thoughts on the Governor’s plan to reopen the state. First, I agree with the governor’s policy of keeping the social distancing measures and stay at home order in place. Mainly because if we reopen too soon, we could see a second wave of both the virus and social distancing. We need to do whatever we can to flatten the curve of the number of COVID-19 cases.

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I like that the plan includes an agenda to keep COVID-19 cases down for good, and further expansion of testing capabilities. Even though it will be necessary to reopen at some point, we should take precaution just to make sure another wave can be contained and taken care of faster than the first time around.

I also am glad that the plan includes procedures for a reasonable and responsible economic revival. I have learned in school that just printing more money does not work to help the economy, so I am glad that we have learned from the mistakes of the past.

We do not need another economic crisis right after this virus that has had everyone panicking. So, a safe and reasonable approach to the reopening of the state is the best option to restore stability.

Thank you,

Joseph W. DeSantis
Fanwood, NJ