Dear Editor: 

I am offering a few recommendations to improve the condition of La Grande Park in Fanwood.

Let's start off positive. The courts for basketball and tennis are fairly new and are in good condition. The park is overall clean and safe.

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What I'd like to be done is for the town to get new equipment for the playground. The equipment is outdated compared to other parks in ScotchPlains/Fanwood, and the park would look and be much better if new playsets were implemented at La Grande. When I was younger, there used to be three animals that rocked back and forth like a seesaw, now there is only one, which is also outdated.

Also, the town should create a better system and schedule for the ice skating rink so that residents could actually skate during the winter. It is rarely used, and the ice is pretty hard to skate on. 

Nobody uses the scoreboard on the baseball field because it is never turned on. They should either use it for the games, or just take it down. Other teams come to our town to play at La Grande and expect that they'll be able to use it. The baseball fields may be nice, but the drainage of the fields is under par. After heavy rain, those fields are unusable for about a week. 

My second to last is wish is for the pavillion tables to be cleaned up, they have paint and other substances on them that don't encourage residents to use them without a tablecloth of some sort. Finally, new drinking fountains are needed because the ones there have low water pressure or sometimes don't even work.

I thoroughly enjoy this park, but I felt the need to express these opinions. The park just needs simple renovations and that is all. 

Aidan Mooney
Fanwood, NJ