Dear Editor:

As we have weeks toward this June’s 2019 Democratic Primary election, we as Union County Democrats face an internal battle at the polls. It is to purge the ballot line Column A Scutari/Mirabella Democrats, who are in control of the Regular Democratic Organization (RDO) committee seats in most towns, and install the opposition line Column B Mahr Democrats in each town’s committee seats.

The RDO and the County government that they control has gone on too long with its corrupted practices of rewarding those connected friends with undeserved government jobs and high end salaries. They also give out bloated contracts as pay to play to their political campaign donors. Such waste and abuse of the tax payer’s money must be stopped. 

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This abuse for 15 years has been chronicled by the bi-partisan Countywatchers and by my own observation and investigation of the County government in my letters to the local media. Plus, in this year’s primary, the Freeholder line needs to be seriously looked at, as two sets of opposition Democratic candidates have arisen to challenge the line A RDO candidates.

Sadly, there are three sets of Dems for the Freeholder primary and line B&C may end up split while the RDO-sanctioned Freeholders will probably waltz in again.

But the big battle is for bringing back integrity and inclusiveness to the Democratic committee seats up for election this June primary. Choose wisely. Please do not enable the County-corrupted system any more by the Scutari/Mirabella RDO Dems. 

We must police ourselves internally for the fiscal sanity and integrity of our Union County Democratic organization, which would thus bring betterment to our Union County government. Thank you.

Bruce Patterson
Garwood, NJ