FANWOOD, NJ – Jason and Steven Parker, owners of K-9 Resorts in Fanwood, were featured on FOX Business News on Monday morning.

The brothers recounted the story of how they loved dogs and started a dog walking business while in high school that expanded into a full “doggie daycare” business in 2005.

“We decided in 2010 to begin franchising our business and we will close our ninth franchise on Friday and our tenth one next week,” said Steven Parker.

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When questioned about the costs, they outlined how there were different rates depending on whether or not the canine in question needed a private room, spring water and a Gucci bed, or they could be ‘social’ with other dogs, drink tap water and bring their own bed!

“We have clients who will call and make sure when we have availability before they make their own vacation plans,” said Jason Parker.

Some of the extreme cases of ‘pooch spoiling’ can cost between $100 and $200 per day and some have even included cooking steak for the discerning boarder.  “That was really an exception.  The average cost is typically $61 per day and includes doggy day care and multiple visits to the outdoors.”

Jason and Steven Parker have rapid expansion plans, with two more “corporate” properties and 100 more franchises planned nationwide in the next five years.