Dear Editor:
There are few things as morally repugnant as taking advantage of Habitat for Humanity. But now it is clear to everyone that Linda Stender was complicit in doing just that.
As a result, the Union County Democrat organization and its chairman Jerry Green, who was to be her assembly running mate, withdrew their support for her, effectively forcing her to not seek re-election.
Clearly Jerry Green didn't want to risk his own re-election chances with Stender's unethical and possibly criminal dealings. And the criminal investigation is now where it belongs - in the hands of the Attorney General's office.

What is almost as bad as Stender's actions, is her fellow Democrats' silence on this issue. Linda Stender should resign her Assembly seat immediately. She should also resign as chair of the Scotch Plains Democratic Party immediately.
She and her husband deserve due process as the legal process unfolds. But the people of Scotch Plains deserve leadership that isn't ethically lacking. 
It is now up to Scotch Plains Democrats to either join me in calling for her resignations, or remain silent and tacitly condone this sort of behavior, taking only what minimal actions are necessary to preserve their own political careers as they put their personal financial interests ahead of the taxpayer.
Alexander Smith
Scotch Plains Republican Chair