To the Editor:
I have recently reviewed township expenses and am greatly concerned to find that Scotch Plains is on pace to spend 50% more this year for legal advice. That's $120k more than last year, enough to have fully funded the library and still have money left over. 
Why are we spending so much on legal this year? There is no major litigation ongoing. The police merger study was happening last year as well, and represents a very small amount of the overall legal spending. I see no justifiable reason for this huge jump in spending.
My opponent Lou Beckerman, as part of the new Democratic majority in Scotch Plains this year, replaced every township service provider, including the township attorney. To a certain extent, people expect some changes when there is a change in party political control. What they don't expect, and what taxpayers don't have to accept, is to be stuck paying a lot more for the same service. Voters should reject this irresponsible spending by Lou Beckerman and the Democratic majority.

I ask for your vote on November 5th.
Llewellyn Jones
Candidate for Scotch Plains Township Council