Local Health Coach and Chef, Sharon Goldner, announced her newly published book, “The Recipe for a Healthy Life Cookbook” is now available for sale.

This informational and motivational cookbook is named after Goldner’s health coaching practice, Recipe for a Healthy Life, located in Fanwood.

“It was always my dream to author a cookbook that would take my work as a coach and chef to the next level by empowering more people to cook easy, delicious and nutritious recipes”, Ms. Goldner explained.

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The Recipe for a Healthy Life Cookbook encourages readers to try new foods, experiment with new techniques in the kitchen, and apply time-management tools to their weekly food preparation. Goldner notes that these are the challenges her clients face as they transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

“There are also articles to guide readers in cultivating simple habits that support their intention to eat well and feel better. This cookbook provides colorful pictures with the recipes, cooking strategies and practical advice to create a recipe for a healthy life.”

As an incentive to friends and the local community, Ms. Goldner is offering a promotional discount.

“If you order a copy of the cookbook by May 10th, you will also receive a 50% discount on a consultation to discuss your diet and health concerns, and how the cookbook can help you reach your goals. Or apply the discount to a cooking class or personal grocery store tour.” The offer can be transferred to anyone who receives the book as a gift. Visit www.recipeforahealthylife.com to order the book, or email Sharon@recipeforahealthylife.com or visit Amazon.com today.