WESTFIELD, NJ -- Morano Gelato has joined with Westfield High School's PE Warrior program, which every month recognizes outstanding skill development and/or participation in Physical Education. Morano Gelato is donating $10 gift cards to each of the eight PE Warriors each month, and salutes their dedication and success in improving their physical skills.

"The Westfield Physical Education Department is thrilled to be working with Morano Gelato ​of Westfield to acknowledge our Physical Education students who have been selected as PE Warrior of the Month.  We are proud that our students work hard to achieve in our classes by showing a genuine interest in our activities," Beverly Torok, Westfield High School's Physical Education Coordinator, said. "These students go above and beyond in class and encourage others to be actively involved; they eagerly assist others as well as the teachers and apply all rules and strategies as well as exemplifying a high level of personal fitness.  These students are in it for the love of learning and being active.  Thank you Morano Gelato for helping to recognize our students of Physical Education."

Morano Gelato delivers an authentic Sicilian gelateria experience, complete with an Illy espresso bar and cioccolato calda (Italian hot chocolate). It is located at 116 Elm Street in Westfield, and is open from noon until 10 p.m. on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; noon until 10.30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday; and closed Monday until March.