Dear Editor:
There’s a lot of misinformation being circulated regarding the Recreation Department and the recently enacted changes to the Department and Commission. Once again, I’d like to set the record straight. 
The reason for this administrative change is to instill more accountability of this important Township operation, as a result of this change, the Recreation Director will report directly to the Municipal Manager, as does every department head. This change does not remove any current member of the Recreation Commission. They will continue to serve, if they desire to, as members of the Township’s Recreation Committee. As is the present practice, the Township Manager will make all appointments to this committee.
Several recent matters prompted my support for this change at this time. Specifically, the neglect and lack of oversight of the historic Shady Rest Golf and Country Club House leading to its serious deterioration resulting in expenditures of approximately $500,000 to repair, restore and secure the building’s roof and exterior.  

Secondly, the new pavilion at Brookside Park is almost a year behind schedule, and the Park itself has not been properly maintained. While I’ve been presented with other matters of concern from members of the community, suffice to say these are the most serious.
Let me make this point perfectly clear. I, along with my colleagues on this and past Councils, have been supportive of the recreation needs of our youngsters and seniors alike. The misinformation that is being perpetrated is simply misinformation. There are no plans to micromanage, change, curtail, or eliminate any of our recreation programs, and there are no plans to impose fees. Period! 
Many have shared with me the need for more accountability of township services and their tax dollars, and make no mistake I have been listening. This year’s 0% municipal tax increase that was recently proposed by our newly appointed Township Manager and voted on by the majority of your governing body reflects my and our desire to be accountable as well.   
If you require further clarification or have concerns on this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at Town Hall.  For your convenience my telephone number is 908-322-6700 extension 316 
Kevin Glover
The Township of Scotch Plains