Dear Editor:

I was happy to see the article "Explainer: Why Ventilators Are Critical and How NJ Is Preparing for a Possible Shortage" by Andrew Lewis a week ago. While many of the people around me talk about ventilators and have seen articles about the increased need for them, but it's important that we all understand the basics of how they work as we judge news content.

I've seen a shift in articles that state that we're over-using ventilators and our president has even doubted the estimates for how many New York will need. However, I think it's especially important that we give the platform to the people who know ventilators best, which this article has done. We can all do our best to educate ourselves and that comes from listening to the experts. 

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The information is overwhelmingly clear -- New Jersey, our beloved state, will be hit hard if we do not receive enough ventilators. I don't want to see the day when we have to choose who to give lifesaving medical care to -- every New Jerseyan I've met has been tough, whether it be an older neighbor or a young adult.

All of our citizens have done their fair share in making this state so unique. The closer we get to hitting this ventilator capacity, the more approaches we will need, and I like how that article lists the varied approaches. I hope that we will support those companies who have pledged ventilators. However, I also think that the time for asking nicely is rapidly drawing to a close.

When we look back on this, I would rather have my government overreact than do too little, too late. I will also be taking note of which companies stepped up during a crisis. This pandemic has brought out the worst in people, but it has also brought out the best.

Thank you and take care,

Nikita Williams
Clark, NJ