SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD, NJ – As part of its 2015 survey of the “Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in New Jersey,” ranks Fanwood at No. 25 amongst the Top 100 while Scotch Plains fails to appear on the list.

“Scotch Plains ranked just outside the Top 100 in New Jersey at No. 126, so it did not display on our top 100 list,” said representative Ryan Bell.

The metrics taken into account for each ranking are weighted scores comprised of:

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  • Crime & Safety (Fanwood Grade: B+)
  • Education (Fanwood Grade: A)
  • Community (Fanwood Grade: A+)
  • Housing (Fanwood Grade: A
  • Age of Residents 35-44 Years Old: 19.1%
  • Age of Residents 9 Years Old and Under: 15.6%
  • Access to Libraries (Fanwood Grade: B)
  • Access to Day Care (Fanwood Grade: A),
  • Access to Grocery Stores (Fanwood Grade: A-)

"We must be New Jersey's best kept secret. Clearly, Scotch Plains is a great place to live, call home, and raise children. We share the school system with Fanwood, which received an A grade for Education," said Mayor Kevin Glover.

"Our children play on the same ball fields as Fanwood, and we have cultural events and recreational activities are available to young and old. On's own Scotch Plains page, we received an A+ grade," Glover added.

Both Scotch Plains and Fanwood are listed as suburbs and boast A+ overall grades on the site. In response to TAP into SPF's inquiry, shared the Scotch Plains' grades. Areas where the township fell short were: Access to Libraries and Access Grocery Stores.

  • Crime & Safety (Scotch Plains Grade: B)
  • Education (Scotch Plains Grade: A)
  • Community (Scotch Plains Grade: A)
  • Housing (Scotch Plains Grade: B+)
  • Age of Residents 35-44 Years Old: 14.0%.
  • Age of Residents 9 Years Old and Under: 12.7%
  • Access to Libraries (Scotch Plains Grade: C)
  • Access to Day Care (Scotch Plains Grade: B),
  • Access to Grocery Stores (Scotch Plains Grade: C)

“It is important to note that the 'Access to...' grades are not a measure of quality, but rather of proximity (per square mile) and availability (per capita),” Ryan Bell added. “Also, although Fanwood may be ‘inside’ Scotch Plains, the data is reported and calculated differently. However, both places have the same education grade because that data is shared.”

Pennington in Mercer County topped the list with a grade of A and above in each category. Union County towns featured on the Top 100 list were New Providence (No. 5), Summit (No. 15), Berkeley Heights (No. 29), Westfield (No. 35), and Cranford (No. 42).

Union County finished at No. 9 (out of 21) for “Best Counties to Raise a Family in New Jersey,” with Morris County topping the list.

Rankings for the best cities, towns, counties, suburbs, metros, and states in various categories can be found here.