SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD, NJ - The Rotary Club of Fanwood Scotch Plains meets every Wednesday at the Stagehouse in Scotch Plains.  This week the newly installed officers presided over the meeting, President Michael Dietrich, Vice-PresidentMaria LaMorte-Wright and Treasurer  Andy Calamaras and Secretary  Cathy Harris, who was on vacation.

Rotary International is comprised of citizens from various disciplines who volunteer their time and talent to make a positive difference both locally and internationally.  The organization’s motto is “service above thy self” and in doing so, Rotarians strive to improve the conditions of humanity.  There are over 34,000 clubs world-wide with 1.2 million members.  The Fanwood Scotch Plains Rotary currently has 53 members.

Michael Deitrich, a Certified Financial Planner for UBS Financial Service in Westfield, has been a Rotarian for the past 5 years. As the new President of the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary Club, Michael said, “My first goal is to maintain our momentum in growing our membership.  I believe the club is historically the largest it has ever been.”

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“Second, I know we do great things already, but if everyone commits just a little more, we can do even better things. I'd also like to focus more on vocation. Rotary originated as a gathering of businesspeople who were looking to support each other. We tend to focus on helping others outside the club. However, I believe if we're more knowledgeable about the business and professional services our members provide, it will relate to the success of our members professionally which will in turn lead to members being able to better support our causes in terms of time as well as financial support.”

Retiring club president, William (Bill) McClintock looked back over the year. “We worked on marketing our activities a little better. We succeeded by making money in every one of our activities which had not been the case in the past couple of years. Our best success was the luminary sale where we ‘sold out’ for the first time in memory.” The luminary sale, which is held yearly in December, is a major funding source, enabling the Rotary to support community activities such as Boy Scouts, Dictionary Day and various school projects.

“The time went very fast,” Bill continued. “Being president is always more work than you expect, but I found that there was great support in the club, and whenever more help was needed, members volunteered and pitched in. Michael Dietrich and Maria LaMorte-Wright were a great help and they will make great officers in the coming year. I have never been prouder of being part of an organization than I was in this past year as president. It is a great group of people and we are getting stronger with the new members we have added over the past couple of years. There are many future leaders in these recent members.”

 During his term, one of Bill’s main goals was “to  take our existing projects and try to do each one a little better while also setting ourselves up to be the ‘Governor’s Club.’”  

The Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary Club is very proud of club member, Robert (Dwight) Leeper, who is the newly elected Rotary District 7510 Governor. Rotary Districts connect various clubs to each other and to resources from Rotary International.  According to Dwight, a long time Fanwood resident, becoming a Governor’s Club provides an “amazing opportunity in that you can support and influence the district by helping Rotarians in their club to do their best.” 


In his up-coming one year term, Dwight would like to strengthen and support the district’s membership, to build public relations, and to advertise what Rotary is all about.  If you would like more information about Rotary or you are interested in becoming a Rotarian, please visit the website: