FANWOOD, NJ - Remember in the film Jerry McGuire when Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Tidwell character defines his catchword "kwan” to mean love, respect, community and financial success?  Now apply that same concept to pizza and that’s what illustrates the difference between Nick’s Pizza and most other pizza joints.  Some pizza places may have the slice, but they won't have the kwan.  Nick’s has both.

Let’s start with the basics, a super-sized NY style 18-inch pizza pie that sells for $8.95 Monday and Tuesday -- the same price or less (including delivery) than what others charge you for a 16-inch pie.  Everything from the sauces to the dressings, the chicken cutlets, the meatballs, the breaded eggplant and all the main ingredients for 32 varieties of pizza and more are all made fresh on site.

“We believe in using only the best ingredients. Our potato salad is a 100-year-old recipe that was handed down by my grandma.  My whole life, I’ve loved to cook and so do my sons.  It was always our dream to open up a family restaurant, and here we are.  We feel very blessed. That’s why we treat everyone like family here.  We’ve even named a few slices after some of our regular customers like the ‘Jimmy Light Sauce’ and the ‘Joey Mac-n-Cheese Slice,” said owner Paul Watterson.   Not to mention, the photo wall of all the teams, families and kids who frequent Nicks.

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Both Paul and his wife, Jessica, feel a connection to children, sports and the community.  “Every night, we donate leftover pizzas and food to local food banks.  Sports are also very important to our family so, we sponsor the Cincinnati Reds little league team.  We feel we have a great team this year!” commented Paul. 

Recently, Nick’s Pizza was asked to provide Thursday pizza days to the Scotch Plains and Fanwood elementary schools.  “We couldn’t believe we got asked to supply the schools with pizza lunch.  We’re the new guys… they actually came to us!” said Paul. 

It seems like everywhere you turn to see a poster or a flier for any type of local fundraiser, you’re bound to see Nick’s as a supporter.  It’s also not surprising to note that Nick’s Pizza consistently has the No. 1 following from here to Manhattan on one local website.  According to Paul, “Every week people are following 'Nick’s Picks' click-through coupon ad locally on The Alternative Press.  This week we’re offering 20 percent off the entire purchase, Monday through Thursday.”   Nick’s also has a strong and growing younger following on Instagram. 

“At the end of the day, we want you to leave here full, happy and content, as if you were with family.” says Paul Watterson. 

We’re looking forward to following “Nick’s Pizza” column right here on TAP, so check in often to find out what’s happening at Nicks! 

Nick’s Pizza and Deli

42 S Martine Ave Fanwood, NJ 07023
(908) 322-8800