After an exceptionally long, cold winter and a soggy spring, many Scotch Plains and Fanwood residents are now yearning for summer warmth.  Be careful what you wish for… you might get it.

According to The Farmer's Almanac, the summer 2014 in New Jersey will be oppressively hot and humid, and there will be more rain than normal.  In fact, the publication predicts a wet May and June before brutal heat arrives in July.

MAY 2014

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  • 1st-3rd: Frequent showers, thunderstorms.
  • 4th-7th: Cool, unsettled.
  • 8th-11th: More cloudy/showery weather.
  • 12th-15th: Cloudy with showers by the 15th.
  • 16th-19th: Skies gradually clear; milder temperatures.
  • 20th-23rd: Very warm.
  • 24th-27th: Frequent showers, then much cooler.
  • 28th-31st: Clearing skies, more seasonable.

JUNE 2014

  • 1st-3rd: Showers, thunderstorms, then clearing, cooler.
  • 4th-7th: Rain/thunderstorms. Cool, damp for Belmont Stakes.
  • 8th-11th: Clear, cool, the increasing heat, humidity.
  • 12th-15th: Muggy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms.
  • 16th-19th: Widespread cloudiness.
  • 20th-23rd: Clear, cool, dry.
  • 24th-27th: Showers, thunderstorms sweep in from West.

“What am I going to do with my kids every day, if we can’t go to the pool?  This spring rain is killing my calendar because baseball games keep getting cancelled,” said Scotch Plains resident Susan Bonnell. “Global weather is a real thing, and it is affecting us every day.”

"It sounds like a summer filled with bad hair days," said Fanwood resident Catherine Glastal.

Famed for its long-range weather predictions, The Farmer's Almanac is an annual publication that has published continuously since 1818. The Almanac Publishing Company claims greater than 80 percent accuracy of its weather predictions. Available at grocery and bookstores nationwide, the publication contains long-range weather predictions, astronomical data, gardening advice, recipes, and more.