As much as all our personal lives have been affected by Sandy, most small businesses in our area have had little to no revenue for over a week. So many were hanging on by their fingernails before Sandy. If you can give them your business instead of one of the big chains, please do so. Small business is not worried about stockholders. It's worried about making the mortgage payment, the insurance payment, the tuition payment, etc. Many of them tried to operate without power. Instead of price gouging, they charged the same or less. Please support and thank them with your patronage. so many mourn the loss of small town America where the merchants knew you by name. Each of us has the power to keep Sal at the Mountain Deli, Mike at Maria's Pizzeria, the corner new stands going. They stayed open not just because they care about their communities but also because they couldn't afford to stay closed. Use your $$$$ to preserve Main Street.


The Mountain Deli across the street from me saw customers they've never seen before because the chain convenience stores were closed. I hope next week folks remember how Sal & his wife Jackie made them coffee and hot sandwiches in the dark, saving the generator to brew the coffee and lighting the gas stoves with a match. Keep going in peeps.

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They also became places for people to talk, share information and ease the feeling of being alone through this disaster. I can't tell you how many folks were at first reluctant to take a cup of our free coffee but ended up staying to chat for an hour or more.


Robin Piesco

Delivery Now Inc

365 Park Avenue

Scotch Plains NJ 07076