PLAINFIELD, NJ - One of the many majestic words fit to describe Plainfield’s promenades through the years is colossal.

Since its inception in 1993, students have been ushered into the promenade on white horse drawn carriages, stretch hummers, and escorted down an elongated red carpet by Yorkshire terrier pups.

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This year was no exception. The theme of this year’s event was midnight masquerade, and adorning the gymnasium were with life size masks cutouts and purple and green balloons.

Pandemonium that has sometimes accompanied promenades in preceding years was scaled back; a strategic move by Barry Young, the Security Coordinator of Plainfield Public School for more, “controlled chaos”. The transformation of the event from being held entirely outdoors to what is now a combination of an outdoor show as well as a gymnasium display has not calmed  the sheer excitement resonated in the hearts of Plainfield residents for two decades.

“This is our Grammy’s!” said Ms. Smith, the Event Coordinator of the Plainfield Promenade. She spoke sincerely in regard to the tradition of giving, which is when the Plainfield High School cheerleading squad plans the promenade two months in advance and passes the charge down to new cheerleaders each year. 

Nwakaego Amee, a Plainfield High School senior, dressed in a traditional African printed gown took in the pre-prom jitters of the night graciously, “I’m calm but excited. I picked out my dress a while back. I’m just looking forward to having fun.

Mermaid style dresses and steel colored tuxedo were staples designs etched into the Plainfield’s landscape last night.

The grey clouds overhead and slight drizzle of last night’s forecast proved to be no obstacle as hundreds of students and families poured into Plainfield High School’s gymnasium for this year’s promenade that serves as a manifestation of student’s success en route to graduation.