FANWOOD, NJ -- She doesn't know it yet, but Jamie Elizabeth Cole has a distinction that will be tough to match: the 7-lb. baby girl is the first baby born in the Borough of Fanwood since 1998.

Her original due date was Tuesday, Oct. 21st, but her mother's obstetrician, based in New York City, said that the baby wasn't ready to be born yet.  On Wednesday, Sherry Cole felt contractions and checked into New York Presbyterian Hospital, but the hospital told her that she still wasn't ready to deliver.

"We had dinner and watched some TV, and then just past midnight, I had very bad contractions," said Sherry in a phone interview with TAP into SPF.  "A little past 1:00 a.m., I knew we wouldn't make it to the hospital in Manhattan. My sister was staying with me and called 911. The Fanwood Police came lightning fast."

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Fortunately, the police officer on duty, Sergeant Marc Gottlick, is also a trained EMT. Jamie Elizabeth was born at 1:50 a.m., and then mother and daughter were brought to Overlook Hospital in Summit by the Fanwood Rescue Squad.

"We first moved to Fanwood was for its reputation and its school system, but I think the reason we will stay here is the Fanwood police are exceptional," said proud dad Joe Cole.  "I told my wife, if it weren't for the Fanwood police, we'd still be on the bathroom floor right now. We were lucky Sergeant Gottlick was on duty."

Sherry, Joe and Jamie Elizabeth Cole are all looking forward to returning home to Fanwood on Saturday afternoon.