Dear Editor:

Over the past years we have seen news that lying, corruption and taking unfair advantage of their position to personally benefit from their political office has become common place. I will list just a few:

1.      There was a miss-use of confidential e-mails.
2.      An insecure computer utilized for confidential communications.
3.      Utilization of the IRS to provide biased review of certain groups.
4.      Lying on Senate floor by a member of Congress regarding a past candidate’s tax forms.
5.      The passing of the Affordable Care Act by only one party.  Now the Affordable Care Act is proving anything but affordable. The rates are going up, many are paying more now than before the Affordable Care Act and insurance companies are dropping out.
6.      When the four Americans died in Benghazi, one candidate lied to the love ones, saying that it was a movie, but to a daughter said it was not. Should it not be for four brave Americans, who acted as Americans always do, responded to save American lives, over twenty would have died?
7.      A family foundation that gained funding by political contacts. This resulted in high pay for a family member.
8.      One candidate, danced around with a “Restart Button” with the Russians. Who does it look like got restarted or shut down.
9.      Our nation is fighting ISIS both foreign and domestic.
10.  In addition, to Russia we are dealing with aggressive China, North Korea and Iran. Past administrations have failed to keep us in a position of leadership.
11.  There has been a war on past energy sources, which resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs especially those related to the coal industry.
12.  We have had a past president who said that there were “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq. And decided to invade it. This result in the loss of American Lives, massive expenses and destabilization of the Middle East. In addition, as we have all become aware, we never found these weapons.
13.  This destabilization continued with the over through of the governments of Libya and Egypt. 
14.  On a local level we have an attempt to have only one party rule. However, it is fair to say that no matter what party was in control questionable things were done. But lately we see, that despite the public having to utilize the for mentioned Affordable Care Act for insurance coverage some of our politicians decided to declare themselves as full time employees and/or entitled elected officials and have us tax payers fund their coverage. 
15.  In addition, our council consists of five elected members, but only one person – the mayor decided what the amount of raise for our township manager was to be. While I have nothing but respect for out Manager, who I consider a friend, I question why not all elected council members were not consulted.
16.  Elected officials who refuse to answer questions by the public that they represent.
17.  The Attorney General had a meeting with the husband of a candidate who was under investigation by the FBI.  Shortly before the FBI decided that the investigation did not warrant any further action.
18.  We see a lawyer who ruled on both taking of benefits by a public official and provided a ruling that there was no evidence of past councils agreeing to any raises. One council member then produced volume after volume of records to place this stand in question and the history of campaign contributions.
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With this coming election, we as the voting public must evaluate the above topics and decide what is best for both our county, state and town. The abuse of power is rampant, and we are being treated as fools. It is up to us to hold whoever is or who wants to be in office accountable.
One can only wonder what our founding fathers would think of our political environment and the role model we are creating for future generations.
Albert Muller
Scotch Plains, NJ