So you’ve decided to make the leap and have listed or are planning on listing your home on the market this spring, congratulations!

While there are certainly many factors to consider upon pricing your home, there are a few ways that homeowners can maximize their potential profits before hosting an open house. Here are some quick fixes that can improve your chances of selling your home quicker:

1. Landscape your property

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Use the surrounding landscape to compliment your home rather than it becoming an eyesore, especially on the front lawn. After all, it is the first impression that prospective buyers will notice before walking into the home.

Be sure to rake any excess leaves and shrubbery that may be left over from the fall and winter months. Trim any bushes or greeneries that may be protruding the view of the home and make the exterior of the property seem inviting with color to guests. If you have a garden, be sure that it is maintained appropriately prior to hosting an open house and make your property look as lively as possible.

2. Brighten up the kitchen and other rooms with paint

A fresh set of paint can go a long way and it is a relatively cheap investment. It avoids the potential distractions of dirty or chipped walls and allows prospective buyers to focus on the qualities of your home. Choose vibrant colors that complement the room, but be sure to avoid using less common shades such as teal or purple that have a niche appeal.

3. Spring Cleaning

Yet another reminder to clear all of the clutter from your home, but it is an important one. Break your hoarding habits, if you fall under that category, and get organized.

You are planning on moving out of your home in the near future anyway, might as well get a head start on the cleaning. Beware not to make your home appear too bare. Buyers want to have an idea of what the home will look like upon purchasing. Plus it makes the seller appear desperate to sell the home if it is not fully furnished.

4. Conduct pre-inspection repairs

The spring is a perfect time to conduct pre-inspection repairs. After wrapping up a long winter, it is a good time to inspect the heating units to make sure that everything is functioning appropriately. Meanwhile, the air conditioning units may have functioned well six months ago, back in September, but the long layover could have an impact on its serviceability. Better to be sure that it is up to standard than to be surprised when it’s come time to sign over the contracts.

The last thing a buyer wants is a contract where the costs continue to rack up.

Having a home that is inviting and as close to move-in ready will improve the chances of closing one of the most important sales of your life. If you are interested in listing your home, contact us at 908-322-4434.

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