SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- The next Scotch Plains Township Council Meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, at 7:00 PM. Among the topics expected to arise during the meeting will be the future of the Recreation Commission and the reporting structure of the Scotch Plains Recreation Department chief Ray Poerio.
During its Conference Meeting last week, Mayor Kevin Glover discussed disbanding the Commission, making it a committee and having Mr. Poerio report to Township Manager Al Mirabella instead of the all-volunteer Commission.
Since the meeting, supporters of the current structure have circulated online petitions, such as this one to implore the Council to keep the Commission in tact: 
This rush to judgement suggests that there is a political motive, and we the undersigned wish to maintain the separation from politics for field usage for our children's youth sports activities. It's been working well since just after WW II, there is no problem to be fixed.

Mr. Mirabella, who acts as the CEO for the Township, says that members of the current Commission would continue to be able to serve as committee member volunteers and maintains that the proposed change is about streamlining the reporting structure of Township employees, rather than being a politically motivated decision.
"I;m a big supporter of Recreation. The delivery of Recreation services to the people of Scotch Plains will not change," Mirabella says. "This is about how the town is managed, and that's what I am accountable for."