SCOTCH PLAINS,  NJ -- The Scotch Plains Downtown Redevelopment Committee (SPDRC) unanimously approved the draft Tier 1, Phase 1 Downtown Redevelopment Plan at its monthly public meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 12. 

Following this action, the plan will now go to the Scotch Plains Township Council for approval. The SPDRC, which contains residents, downtown business, and downtown property owners, drafted the plan in consultation with Harbor Consultants, the Township's planning firm and the Township's redevelopment attorney.

“It’s really happening,” said Mayor Al Smith, Chairman of the SPDRC. “For the first time in 33 years, we now have a redevelopment plan that will make our downtown more vibrant and provide for and encourage a mix of commercial, residential, and recreational uses."

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Mayor Smth added that the plan will "promote economic development to stabilize property taxes, create new jobs, and growth opportunities that will benefit the entire Scotch Plains community.”

The downtown redevelopment plan endorsed by the SPDRC is for the municipally-owned, public properties. Based on the concept sketches featured in the plan, the potential impact of the public properties build-out plan includes:



Commercial (New Retail and Office Space)

 48,048 sq. feet

Parking (Provided)

 1,424 spaces

Housing Units

 177 units, of which 35 will be deemed affordable

Click here, if you would like to review the PowerPoint and video presentation of the plan please visit:

The large number of parking spaces provided in the plan will replace existing spaces, allow for growth of new commercial and residential needs on public properties and develop additional spaces to allow private property owners, if they wish, to develop their properties for new mixed-use commercial and residential opportunities, continuing the public-private partnership for parking that currently exists.

“This plan is the beginning of the process and sets the guidelines and standards, while satisfying our affordable housing settlement requirements, to create a design competition among developers for the best proposal(s) for downtown for our consideration,” said Thomas Strowe, Project Coordinator for Redevelopment. “With this plan, the Township maintains full control over its properties and we have full negotiating power with developers to finalize a plan for the town.”

“I’d like to thank all the residents, business, and property owners who helped write this plan,” added Mayor Al Smith. “This has, and will continue to be, a public-driven process, and I strongly encourage my Township Council colleagues to endorse the plan on Sept. 25, 2018 and issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to prospective developers as soon as possible. The time is now to make this happen.”

Questions about the plan can be directed to Thomas Strowe, Project Coordinator for Redevelopment, at (908) 322-6700 ext 317 or