SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ - Jim and Rosemary Malfetti, parents of 41-year-old Jimmy Malfetti, who was found murdered in the U.S. Virgin Islands, are seeking help from Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and the FBI to find his killer. 

According to Mr. and Mrs. Malfetti, who are Scotch Plains residents, Virgin Island law enforcement failed to perform a meaningful investigation into their son's murder.

Malfetti, who relocated to the island of St. John in the Caribbean more than a year ago, lived in a guest house on an estate.  Intruders burglarized the estate on Saturday, Jan. 18, and his landlord later found Malfetti stabbed to death in the bedroom of the guesthouse. 

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Sen. Menendez has written to FBI Director James B. Comey to ask the agency to help with the investigation and, called the USVI police response "completely unacceptable."

“After the unthinkable death of their son, the last thing any parent needs is a hostile and uninterested law enforcement response,” Menendez said. “I am deeply troubled by reports that the police treated a grieving mother and father as a nuisance to be ignored.  Law enforcement officers cannot promise a successful investigation, but the family deserves a competent investigation.  That is why I asked that federal resources be used to supplement this investigation, so these parents can get the justice they deserve.”

Malfetti's parents say that police failed to perform basic forensic tests, misstated obvious facts, failed to notify them when their son was discovered, and threatened to deemphasize the investigation if the parents continued to call.

“If my constituents’ reports are true, the investigation raises serious professionalism concerns for the police force, and it raises serious safety concerns related to the USVI,” Menendez stated.

Funeral services for Jimmy Malfetti were held on Saturday in Fanwood.