SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD, NJ -- The Scotch Plains Fanwood Scholarship Foundation has, in its 51st year, again fulfilled its many, varied partnerships with community members, community organizations and individuals by distributing $145,500 in scholarship aid to 92 students. 

Community members contributed to the Dollars for Students Campaign used to distribute $23,000 among high school and college students who demonstrated both academic achievement and financial need.  The High School students are: Julia Guarneri, Francesca Jones, Joshua Martin, Jessica McGloin, Melissa McGloin, William McGloin, Gabriel Sta. Rosa, Vincent Ruzek.  The college students are Nada Amer, Matthew Auda, Michael Auda, Alaina Frank, Alexander Karakis, Kaavya Krishna-Kumar, Rachel Lambert, Caitlin Mahoney.

Several individuals and families have entrusted funds to the Foundation’s stewardship and this year the following students have benefited from such partnership: 

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  • Jim Alfano Memorial, Colin Sullivan;
  • Adrian Andrews Memorial, Callen Leahy;
  • George Bryan Memorial, Emily Lockatell;
  • Karen and Joseph Franzone Memorial, Kathleen Weideli;
  • Trina and Arthur Harrison Memorial, Robert Gordon and Jordyn Wheeler;
  • William and Ruth Linge Memorial, Justin Greenman and Claudia Gentile;
  • William McGinn Memorial, Rebecca Citarella;
  • Courtney Metzger Memorial, Sophie Brause;
  • James O’Hara Powers Memorial, Samuel Venick and Erin Hayes;
  • Dr. Murial Ramsden Memorial, Michaela Sullivan;
  • Terry and Arlene Riegel Scholarship Fund, Kenyela Horn;
  • James Sochan Memorial, Nicholas Lavin;
  • Jeffrey Spring Memorial, Alexa-Jada Nelson; and
  • Franklin Maine and Helen McConnell Spooner, Lorie Rosado.

Other individuals and community organizations delegate to the Foundation’s dedicated Screening Committee the details of scrutinizing and determining the year’s most deserving students who also meet their varied criteria.  These partners and the students honored by their scholarships are: 

  • Besson Family Memorial, Ryan Abramowitz and Callie Ciarrocca;
  • Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill, Alexis Brunetto;
  • Mauro and Rulene DiFrancesco, Albert Sanchez;
  • Frank DiNizo Memorial, Alexa-Jada Nelson;
  • Donna Doremus Memorial, Hayley Howell;
  • Friday’s Place, Ian MacPherson;
  • Girl Scouts, Lauren Tropper;
  • Joan and Robert Gordon Memorial Lacrosse, David Walker and Holly Smith;
  • In Honor of the Greatest Generation, Garrett Dwyer;
  • Doris Koues Memorial, Toby Waldman;
  • John and Marie Losavio Memorial, Lauren Tropper;
  • Tom Montagna (Follow Your Dream), Blake Mackey;
  • Katherine Newcomer Memorial, Toby Waldman;
  • Lynn Payne Memorial, Callen Leahy;
  • Dr. Robert V. Scalera Memorial, Kiara Cruz;
  • LaVerne Schnell Memorial, Aleacia Jensen;
  • School One Retired Elementary Educators and Staff, Gianna Januszanis;
  • SPFHS Italian Club, Rebecca Citarella;
  • SPFHS Italian Honor Society, Kelsey Werkheiser;
  • Scotch Plains-Fanwood Ice Hockey Association, Nicholas Lavin; and
  • Lina Suriano Memorial, Simon Oster.

One of our deepest partnerships is with the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary Club and the Rotary-Garbe Foundation who administer the funds for the following scholarships: Rotary Garbe Foundation, awarded for four years to:

  • Lukas Stein, Ethan Cheung and Marc Occhipinti (2017);
  • Matthew Auda, Alexander Guevara, and Maxwell Kearns (2016);
  • Alaina Frank, Steven Davies and Roland Crystal (2015); and
  • Michael Auda, Jacob Brown and Brian Deutschmeister (2014);
  • William Mullin Memorial, awarded for four years, Taylor Sirchio (2017); Mariel Weigel (2016); and Amy Palumbo (2014);
  • Ethel Perkins Memorial, awarded for four years, Brianna Sorrentino (2017); Noah Bernstein (2016); and Emily Fidlow (2015); Yi Pu Lin (2014);
  • David Ringle Memorial Valedictorian Award, Caroline McNichol;
  • Salutatorian Award, Max Mazursky;
  • Robert Kraus Memorial, Justin Yang, and
  • Dr. Richard Dobyns Turnaround Award, George Mueller.

Our Foundation began in 1966 with a donation from the SPFHS PTA - a partnership which flourishes to this day. Every PTA in the school district contributes at least two scholarships to graduates who have attended their schools. In addition, the Scholarship Chairperson for each PTA serves on the Foundation’s Screening Committee. The PTA Council scholarships: 

  • Manya Unger to Stephen Scarcella and Jordan Wolman,
  • Dr. Carol Choye to Grace Lama and Health and Wellness to Alexandria Hudak;
  • SPFHS PTA scholarships: Robert Adams, Jr. to Erin Chiappi and Dr. Terry K. Riegel to Alyssa Cordero; 
  • Park Middle School McTB scholarships:  Luke Uriarte and Morgan Martinson;
  • Terrill Middle School John C. Foulks scholarships: Ryan Kessler and James Maguire IV
  • Brunner Elementary scholarships: Dr. Albert DeSousa Memorial to Frank Machinski and Brunner PTA Special Services to Gabriella Spadaro and Bhupinder Sohal
  • J. Ackerman Coles Elementary scholarships: Carl M. Kumpf to Max Mazursky and Micaela Valli, and Carol Patten Memorial to Cori Bernstein;
  • Evergreen Elementary scholarships: Dr. Beverlee Kaminetzky to Victoria Gonzalez, Kehs-Aakjer Memorial to Nicole Dencker and Chickie Giraud Memorial to Garret Dwyer;
  • McGinn Elementary Mariana Cassidy Excellence Awards to Thomas Saba and Juliana Wagner; and
  • School One Elementary scholarships: James V. Cerasa to Keara Farley and Jeffrey Grysko to Amelia Morel.

Congratulations to these outstanding scholars and our deepest thanks to all our partners who have stood by us for 51 years.  For further information, visit or  Mary Ball Cappio at 908-889-8155, or is Scotch Plains-Fanwood’s only free daily paper. Sign up for our daily eNews and follow us on Facebook and twitter @SPF_TAP. Download the free TAPinto App for iPhone or Android.