SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- ​Grab the kiddos and join the library staff for a special apple celebration on Saturday, Sept. 22, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Artist and author Leeza Hernandez and her 11-year-old daughter Liv share their favorite pieces from what began as a simple mother-daughter activity that quickly turned into a 100-day art project.

The local duo will give their personal take on how they survived the project—and will demonstrate how to make apple prints together. There will also be some festive apple snacks to enjoy and a special gift to take away.

About “An Apple A Day!”

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In June 2016, the challenge was to each create an image of an apple using a different medium every day for as long as they could. From edible art to working with paints, pencil, fiber, aluminum foil and even Lego, the duo discovered a myriad of ways to make multiple interpretations of a single subject.

“We agreed to just keep going and didn’t commit to any timeframe which eliminated any pressure about deadlines and the need to have to create,” Hernandez says, expecting patience to get the better of them within the first few days but was surprised at the result.

“My daughter woke up early every morning to brainstorm what medium we’d try next,” Hernandez adds. “She was truly engaged. When we moved into the second week and were still going strong, I realized this was more than about making art together.”

“I think this was a really good opportunity to spend more time with my mom, especially because we were both doing something that we love: art!” Liv says, “It was cool that we would think of a different style every day. I would love to do it again and see how many more apples we could come up with.”

On average, daily activities ranged from 10 minutes to an hour, while more involved practices were saved for weekends.

“It was hard to stop at all, but Day 100 felt like a good place,” Hernandez adds. “The majority of the project was spent working side-by-side discussing our observations, critiquing and comparing notes along the way, but we worked on the same apple together for the 100th.”

Making apples manifested into special memories for both artists that ultimately strengthened their relationship.

“This project far outweighed time spent with devices which seems to be a constant in her generation,” Hernandez says. “I try to embrace the positives of digital technology whenever I can but teaching my daughter to find balance also taught me new parenting skills. Libby taught me a thing or two about art as well.”

The project was documented on Instagram (@leezaworks, 2016)—where you can view their art shown side-by-side—as a way to share and inspire other parents looking to spend time with their kids using a creative outlet.

Community members can be a part of the art show, too! Stop by the Scotch Plains Public Library to pick up a piece of the giant apple canvas to participate in a community art project. All you have to do is create art on one of the mosaic tiles with your child—remember, you have to work together—and return the artwork and completed form no later than September 18. The mosaic will be constructed and unveiled on Saturday, September 22, so bring friends and family for the big reveal.

The artists have curated their favorite pieces from the project and they will be on display at the Scotch Plains Public Library from September 22 through October 12.

For more information, go to, email, call (908) 322-5007 x 204 or stop by the Reference Desk. The Scotch Plains Library is located at 1927 Bartle Avenue, one block from Park Avenue in the center of town.