Dear Editor:

I’m thrilled that we have finally launched our new Township website, as you know I made improving communications with our citizens, one of my top goals at the Township’s reorganization meeting on January 1st

This upgrade been in the works for some time and I want to thank Township Manager Al Mirabella for his work on this important objective, also I want to recognize and thank our very talented volunteer Technology Committee chaired by Dan Sullivan for their continued service to the Township, specifically, for initially identifying and working with the website’s developer Tom Kranz, who has clearly done outstanding work on this assignment.

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But there’s more to share regarding our ongoing efforts to improve the dissemination of township information. In addition to the new web site, viewers of Scotch Plains TV 34 and 22 are also seeing a far superior offering than ever seen before, and it’s only the beginning, as we continue to upgrade our local stations broadcast by using new state of the art equipment that is being purchase with money received from our recently signed cable franchise agreements. If you’ve not done so already, tune in and take a look.

And let me assure everyone that there’s more in the works planned, to keep us better connected. Presently our Technology Committee is working to develop a local Scotch Plains App that will allow for improved mobile information on smart phones and tablets providing an array of valuable and timely Scotch Plains news and updates for those on the go. I am hopeful we will have exciting news on this soon to report and share with you.

Lastly, let me draw your attention to, if you’ve not seen them already, the recently installed AM 530 Emergency Broadcast signs throughout town. Remember, in case of a significant emergency, weather alerts, major street closures, power outages, school closing and more in town, please turn to AM530 on your car radio, as it is another important component originated by the Township to keep you informed.

Best regards,

Kevin Glover, Mayor of The Township of Scotch Plains