SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD, NJ -- The Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA (FSPY) Girls “White” Team won their first home meet against the Raritan Valley YMCA (RVY). The FSPY Girls “White” team dominated the meet, winning by a score of 252 to 106.

Individual Medley (IM) Events

FSPY girls dominated the IM events, with a first-place finish in all age groups. In the opening 100 IM event, 9-10 swimmer Amelia Nath finished 1st, followed by Colleen Gillen (3rd) and Annika Jeena (5th). 11-12s Caitlin Carter (1st), Shwetha Venkatesh (2nd), and Lily Gaulin (4th) all scored points for FSPY.  In the 200 IM, Jessica Markwant and Jessica Rojek finished 1st and 3rd for the 13-14s. For the 15-18s, Sylvia Rozalski closed out the IM events with another 1st place finish, followed by Angela Panikiewsky(2nd) and Isha Rai (4th).

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Freestyle Events

8 and under swimmers Joi Spears (1st), Audrey Sewald (2nd), and Srinidhi Balaji (3rd) swept the opening freestyle event. They were followed by 9-10s Alexandra Baglien, Sophia Monteith, and Meadow Spieler finishing 3rd, 4th, and 5th, respectively. 11-12s Briana Li (1st), Sophia Yalcin (2nd), and Elorie Howell (4th) all scored points for FSPY. The 13-14s and 15-18s both swept their freestyle events, with Avery Higinbotham (1st), Helena Chan (2nd), and Chloe Burfeindt (3rd) dominating the 13-14 event and Aislinn Mooney (1st), Lara Espiritu (2nd), and Hannah Crisafulli (3rd) winning the 15-18 event.

Breaststroke Events

Spears opened the Breaststroke events by touching 1st for the 8 and unders, followed by 9-10s Gillen, Baglien, and Hrishita Paranjape, who finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th, respectively. Venkatesh touched 1st for the 11-12s, with Carter and Gaulin finishing 2nd and 4th. Sophia Gallahue (1st) and Rojek (2nd) dominated the 13-14 event.  Mooney closed out the Breaststroke events finishing 1st, followed by Espiritu (2nd) and Rozalski (3rd).

Backstroke Events

8 and under swimmers Spears (1st) and Sewald (2nd) started off the Backstroke events. Nath (1st), Monteith (2nd), and Spieler (4th) all scored points for FSPY in the 9-10 event. 11-12 swimmer Howell finished 1st, followed by Lindsay Trela (2nd) and Yalcin (4th). Gallahue and Burfeindt finished 1st and 2nd for the 13-14s, followed by Rai and Crisafulli who closed out the Backstroke events with 1st and 2nd place finishes.

Butterfly Events

Balaji led off the butterfly events, finishing 1st for the 8 and unders. Jeena (2nd) and Paranjape (3rd) both scored points for FSPY in the 9-10 event, followed by 11-12 swimmers Li (2nd) and Trela (4th). The 13-14 girls swept the Butterfly event, with Higinbotham touching 1st and Chan and Markwant finishing 2nd and 3rd. Panikiewsky closed out the Butterfly events finishing 1st, followed by Gillian Strout (3rd) and Angela Tramontana (4th).


FSPY girls dominated the relays with multiple first place finishes. Nath, Gillen, Baglien, and Monteith finished 1st in the 9-10 Freestyle relay. In the 11-12 relay, Yalcin, Li, Venkatesh, and Carter touched 1st, with Howell, Trela, Gaulin, and Elaina Yick finishing 3rd. The 13-14 relay team of Burfeindt, Higinbotham, Gallahue, and Chan continued relay dominance finishing 1st. Espiritu, Mooney, Julia Yick, and Rozalski closed out the meet with another 1st place finish, followed by Panikiewsky, Crisafulli, Tramontana, and Rai finishing 2nd.

The next meet for the FSPY Girls “White” team is on December 1st at the Freehold Old Bridge YMCA at 5:00.

The FSPY swim team is a year round competitive team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction. For more information, contact Chris Karelus, Head Coach and Director of Competitive Aquatics, 908-889-8880 x129.