SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD, NJ -- On a recent Boy Scout trip to the Raptor Trust located in Millington, New Jersey, Andrew Abrantes and his friend Chris Compierchio learned that loss of trees in the environment, has led to a loss of nesting spots for raptors and birds in general.  Andrew and Chris were inspired by this visit to find some way to help birds in the Scotch Plains and Fanwood area. The boys, both 7th grade students at Terrill Middle School, reached out to the Fanwood Environmental Commission, and proposed building and donating Eastern Bluebird nest boxes and installing them in the Fanwood Nature Center as part of their 7th grade service learning project.

In total, Andrew and Chris constructed 20 Eastern Bluebird nest boxes, five of which they installed in Fanwood Nature Center in May 2017.  The other nest boxes were donated to elementary schools in town.

The Fanwood Environmental Commission was thankful for the donation of the Eastern Bluebird nest boxes and invites the public to view them when the Nature Center is reopened at the end of June 2017.

To learn more about Eastern Bluebirds and to download plans to build your own nest box, visit  To contact the Fanwood Environmental Commission, please email