As the Scotch Plains Democratic Chairman, I want to publically thank the 725 loyal
Democrats who voted in the June 5th Primary Election. Although we did not have any
contested races on our side of the aisle, these public minded citizens exercised their
right and privilege by taking the time to vote and their actions should be applauded.

On the local front, after more than a decade of Republican mismanagement, Scotch
Plains Township appears to be postured for change. I challenge newly-appointed
Mayor DePaola to follow the example of her predecessor and vote her own conscience,
and not to succumb to the whims of a few members of the local Republican Party. Our
Mayor should be loyal to the Citizens of Scotch Plains – not to micromanaging political

Public service means that after elections occur, our officials are bound to set policy that
will hopefully benefit the entire community – whether you voted for them or not. Our
Democratic Councilmen and candidates are told in no uncertain terms that while our
Committee will work diligently to help them get elected, it is up to them to use their
best abilities to lead the town once they are sworn in. They have never been told how
to vote or promised retribution in the event that they voted to the contrary. You are
welcome to ask either Democratic Councilmen Kevin Glover or Mickey Marcus.
I am sure that they will be pleased to confirm this for you.

From time to time, our Councilmen may vote differently but it doesn’t mean that they are
disloyal to the party or even to each other; they are doing what they were elected to do,
vote their conscience in the best interest of the taxpayers as they see appropriate.

Yes, we as Democrats do think differently. Isn’t this refreshing after 12 years of
Republican Party boss rule?

Louis Beckerman
Scotch Plains Democratic Chairman