Dear Editor:

As the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Fanwood, we would like to collectively and whole heartedly say thank you to our Department of Public Works for its performance during the blizzard. The snow started in the late evening of Friday, Jan. 22, and tapered off late the next day, leaving more than two feet of snow in its wake.

Under the supervision of Clint Dicksen, the seven men who make up the department deserve to be acknowledged for keeping all our streets, primary and secondary, open and passable in the immediate aftermath of the storm.

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By Sunday morning, all roads had been plowed and were passable. Their hard work, dedication and professionalism was evident throughout. During the lead up to the storm, they prepared. Once the storm began, they logged in long hours in terrible weather. Now, in the aftermath, they continue working and making it safe for all of us to get back to our normal routines.

We also want to thank Police Chief Richard Trigo and the entire Police Dept. that was out on of the road working in concert with Public Works for the benefit of every family in Fanwood.  While those departments were outside working, we also knew that if a family needed the Fire Dept. or Rescue Squad, those volunteers were standing ready to jump into action.

Finally, communication is always key in situations that test our resources. The borough's timely updates through our email alerts, with more than 1,400 subscribers, and the borough’s website and borough Facebook page, handled by Brian Horton, kept the information flowing.

Again, job well done by all those who live and work in the town we love . . . Fanwood!

Mayor Colleen Mahr
Council President Kathy Mitchell
Councilman Jack Molenaar
Councilwoman Erin McElroy Barker
Councilman Tom Kranz
Councilman Russ Huegel
Councilman Kevin Boris