To the Editor:
You have heard the continued assertion from the local Democratic Party that the remedy to incivility on the Township Council can be found in this year’s municipal election by electing additional Democrats and restoring a Democrat majority to Mayor Kevin Glover.  For even the casual observer of the Township Council over the years, it would be foolhardy to conclude that somehow all of the arguing and incivility would simply go away by giving even more power to Mayor Kevin Glover.
For a preview of what will eventually happen, I would suggest that you look no further than every running mate that he has had during his time in elected office. Jeff Strauss, Mickey Marcus and Colleen Gialanella, (until recently) all distanced themselves from Mayor Glover due to his boorish behavior and bully tactics. The local Democratic Committee even removed his picture from their website after he foolishly tried to bully Linda Stender out as the Chairperson.
I recognize that I can be passionate when it comes to issues related to the Township. Some might even say that I can go over the line at times. However, when Kevin Glover, along with a majority last year, tried to bully through approval of the “Joint Meeting” last year, fired the manager, cut the library budget, fired every service provider, killed the SID, raided the sewer utility and forced an AM radio station on us that only reaches one third of the township…I admit, I had reached my limit.

But there is much more at stake this year than whether or not we will see a change in the Mayor’s bully behavior. What is at stake is whether or not Scotch Plains will become subjugated to the whims of local contractors and the County and State Democratic Machines.
There was a change this year in the way the Township procures products and services. Because that meant that a few families in town were no longer getting their guaranteed income, they have turned the apple cart upside down for the whole town. The changes were made to increase efficiency and eliminate ethical conflicts. The assertion that Luisa Bianco put forward during the debate was that we can comparison shop the Co-ops and locals to get the best price. I am sure someone has explained to her since that not only would that be unethical, but also illegal. I know she is new to Municipal finance, but that is called bid rigging.
All three Democratic candidates stated in the debate that they support the “Joint Meeting” legal structure for our police merger. It seems that they are OK with Scotch Plains taxpayers picking up the bill for 75% of the cost while only having 30% of the oversight. Much worse is that without a 2% cap and the legal obligation of both towns to pay for the budget, this new agency becomes a mill for County insiders and supporters in need of a job. I also find it interesting that so far, all of the Democratic political mail has been paid for by the State Democratic Committee. Who will they owe for that?
In the end, Mickey Marcus, Llewellyn Jones and I are beholden to no one. We are not “managed” by the county committee and we raised our campaign funds through individuals and events. If anyone is going to fight, and I mean fight if we have to, for the best interest of the taxpayers it is us. I am asking for your support on November 4th. Together, Marcus Vastine and Jones will continue to work hard for the taxpayers of Scotch Plains…not the Democratic Machine.  
Bo Vastine
Scotch Plains, NJ